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Bringing New Life, The Miracle of Vaginal Birth-1

When I was in my 36th week of pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes that exceeded the normal limit. My doctor suggested that I undergo a final scan of the baby bump to decide what to do next. After the scan, we received a report indicating that everything was fine and the baby was developing properly. My doctor advised me to wait for a week for natural labor pain. If it didn’t occur, we would induce it.

Bringing New Life, The Miracle of Vaginal Birth

My doctor advised me to walk, climb stairs, and do other activities to try to bring on labor. I followed her instructions and walked and climbed stairs frequently in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I did not experience any pain, my water didn’t break, and no bleeding at all.

After a week, we went to the hospital with a bag to be admitted. The doctor was surprised that I wasn’t experiencing any pain because my cervix was already dilated 2cm. She advised me to be admitted and induced labor at around 11 o’clock. She was confident that I would deliver the baby in the afternoon, but her expectations were wrong.

After inducing labor, the doctor went for rounds while my husband and family members waited outside with a lot of tension and expectations. After some time, I began to experience some pain, but the contractions were not coming properly until 8 o’clock at night. The nurses immediately called the doctor when the contractions became more frequent.

At that time, my baby’s heart rate began to slow down suddenly, and the doctor immediately called an anesthesia doctor and a child specialist as well as my husband to the labor room to prepare for a C-section. But, when they arrived, my baby’s heart rate had become normal again, and the doctor advised us to wait for a few minutes before deciding on the next course of action.

As per her suggestion, we waited and contractions started to come repeatedly. At that time, I couldn’t imagine how much pain I would have to endure. The doctor and nurses told me to push, but I told them I couldn’t and asked them to do a C-section. However, my doctor didn’t listen to my words, knowing the pain and after-effects of a C-section versus a normal delivery. After pushing and struggling, finally, my baby’s head came out, but the cord was wrapped around him. During the scan, the technician didn’t notice this, so it wasn’t mentioned in the report, and the doctor was unaware of it as well.

After my baby’s head came out, my energy became depleted, and I started experiencing vaginal bleeding. So, the doctor used a vacuum, and with all my remaining energy, I pushed the baby out through my vagina without any harm baby came out.

Bringing New Life, The Miracle of Vaginal Birth

I am grateful to my doctor for her support, care, and encouragement for a vaginal delivery. She provided great advice on breastfeeding, how to care for the postpartum period, and planning for another child.

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