Second Joyful Journey
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My Second Joyful 9 Months Pregnancy Journey

Hey friends, recently I shared my experience about my first pregnancy. Today I want to share my 2nd pregnancy days, why we planned, what I faced problems and joy of pregnancy days, and how my first baby reacted to the womb. 

After the first baby turned a year old, me and my husband started to think about another baby. At that time we had a lot of questions, thoughts came to mind. Whether we want a second child, whether we can raise them equally or is it necessary to have a second child. Similar kinds of questions or tensions were raised. We had a lot of conversations, Which are a must between husband and wife. After a year we decided to have a second child. So we planned properly, got pregnant, again started pregnancy days, started to enjoy my baby bump. But all have not gone smoothly like my first pregnancy. You may think it’s the same body conceived, but different experiences. So I must say Each pregnancy is different. 

When I got confirmed with my second pregnancy, this time I have a job, I had a small baby, and we had purchased a small property. All those says, there are many roles and responsibilities. I have been managing everything well with my husband’s support. Without his support, I can’t imagine any single day going smoothly.

Throughout my second pregnancy days, I didn’t experience any nausea symptoms so I am very much thankful to my body being natural. This is one of the major plus points to enjoy the pregnancy days and manage every work very well. 

Everyday started with a timetable or to do’s, without that I couldn’t do all the work. Time management is very important to manage or handle more responsibility. Initial days of pregnancy were not tough for me because I didn’t have nausea. After 7 months I face difficulty in work. I was not able to spend more time with my kid because of work. Office work, YouTube channel, household chores and my naughty toddler, all the work is hectic. Oftenly my moods get worse because of lack of rest. But somehow I managed everything with my husband’s support. 

When 9 months have started I feel everyday is horrible. Frequently running to toilets, pubic area pain so I wasn’t able to sit for a long time, so I took leave from office. I left my toddler with my parents at home. After that I took enough rest and enjoyed the last few days of pregnancy and baby bump. I ate all I wanted because of no gestational diabetic and no blood pressure or any other issues. I packed everything I needed into my hospital bag. 

Already decided that, after delivery, I will go directly to my parent’s home. My husband was alone for the next few months. He knows how to cook, but I still had prepared readymade masalas. I prepared for him so that he can enjoy his food everyday without any challenges or difficulty.

Last few weeks of pregnancy are a little difficult because my baby’s head is down so I am not able to sit for long hours, not able to sleep properly. Walking and breathing exercise, chanting slokas, vishnu sahastra nama is helped to me calm down my mood and anxiety. I Am done with lots of cooking videos because in the next 2 months I will not be able to go to kitchen work. 

Before ten days of delivery I got some red discharge. I mean my body told me that my cervix may open any day. Be careful and the baby bump will disappear and the cute baby is in your arms. So I informed my doctor about the changes so she told me to come for a checkup. She entirely did my checkup. She told me everything is perfect and my cervix is starting to open. So when the pain begins or if water breaks or bleeding rush to hospital otherwise come at the due date we can induce the pain. She told me to wait for a normal delivery since i did not have any issues and as you know 1st is vaginal birth. 

I informed my mother in law and my mother. Later I leave my elder son at my parents home and my mother in law is rushed to my place. Another big challenge is started that is my elder son is started to cry that i want amma along with that he had first time cold. So he wants me but in my situation is not allowed to go there. Somehow my parents are managed well. 

My due date was approaching, however dilation has started but contraction pain has not come properly. So the doctor told me to be admitted in the 40th week. We were admitted and pain was induced  in the morning. I got delivered within 3 hours. 

Another Handsome boy came into my hand.

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