Bird Eye Chilli

Hey friends, today i am sharing the my knowledge, uses, cons about bird eye chilli. Please look into this and enjoy the native chilli.

Birds eye chilli have different names in different regions. In Kannada we are called as Gandhari Menasu. The other names are kanthari menasu, jeerige menasu, small chillies, lavanga menasu. The scientific name of this chilli is capsicum Chinese.. This plant is usually seen in Kerala and South. 

These chillies are usually found in villages. The name tells us the seeds are spread through the birds, and the chillies are small in shape. Once the chillies ripen it will turn to red color so birds will attract easily and they come to eat. Then birds will pee so seeds will grow whenever they pee. After this chillies plants are grown. By this, the plant will be called bird’s eye chilli. 

Birds eye chilli is used for several purposes in cooking. Instead of green. Chilli we can use this chilli for recipes. It is  one of the varieties of chilli. It is smaller and more spicy than normal green chilli. The plants are growing up to 4 to 5 feet’s and branched so well. The shelf life of plants is nearly 3 years. 

These chillies are a little more spicy than normal green chillies. But this is best and has lots of benefits to our body. Who has issues of metabolism better to add these chillies to dishes instead of green chillies. Instead of other chillies we can use bird’s eye chilli for making the recipes. The taste will be different. It will be very hot so be careful when you are adding to the cuisine. These chillies are very spicy but it is cool to our body.

Bird eye chillies are getting green and white color. When it ripens it will become a dark red color. For cooking, green, white or ripe chillies are used. When you are storing for a few days, wash well and refrigerate it. If you use it for long periods, sundry the chillies or if you got a lot of chillies then store in an airtight container for future use. Or after sundry you can prepare the fine powder and use it like a chilli powder for dishes. 

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