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Menstrual Cup | Angel for Ladies During Periods | Part 2

In my previous article, I mentioned the details of the menstrual cup, how and why I switched to this menstrual cup, and its uses and demerits. This is a continuation of the same, here I am sharing some of the tips and frequently asked questions or more information about the menstrual cup. Before reading this please read the previous article, Link below,

Menstrual Cup | Angel for Ladies During Periods | Part 1

What is the shape of the menstrual cup?

The cup is described as bell shape or v shape or round shape. I personally use a v shape cup. Its length is more than other shaped cups. The body of this cup is slender and at the end has taper. By using taper we can easily insert and remove the cup. It will hold more flow and it will give firmness to the vagina.

What type of fold can be used to insert the cup into the vagina?

There are many ways to insert the cups into the vagina. Some of them are easy, some methods are a bit tricky and difficult. If you face problems with any type of fold try another fold technique. Don’t stick to only one type of folding technique or method. If you try different folding types you will get comfortable with cups. Below are the commonly used fold methods,

  1. C Fold: This is a type of insert method and easy too. This fold is not so tricky, so try it with any size of the cup. Once you insert it into the vagina, the fold will get opened.
  2. 7 Fold: This fold is easy and quick to insert. But insertion and body of cups may feel large. Also, this fold is more comfortable to insert into the vagina.
  3. Punch Down Fold: This punch-down fold is easy and quick. The fold is easy to hold and insert. Opening of body cups also becomes easy after inserting into the vagina.

These 3 folds are easy and don’t feel tricky. Other folds like origami, triangle, etc are much more tricky and need a lot of patience. Personally, I am suggesting trying punch down or 7 type folding techniques to insert the cups.

How to store the menstrual cup?

Usually, when cups are purchased they provide a cotton bag for storing the cup. It is more than sufficient. If you are not comfortable with it, you can store it on the counter or any other storage box. Before using the cup you must clean or sterilize it. But never store in an airtight container. If cups do not get fresh air, bacteria will generate in them.

Can we go to the restroom or bathroom while using the cup?

Most people think and question this. The answer is YES, we can. While using the cup we can pass the urine and motion. A menstrual cup is in the vagina, urine passes through the urethra, poop comes from the anus. Vagina, urethra, and anus are different parts of our body. Cup only collects blood, nothing else.

But some people may feel irritated when they pass urine because of cups. But their bladder size and vagina size depends. Such scenarios each time the cup needs to be removed. Once after using the restroom, insert it again.

How to check whether cups are inserted correctly or Not?

There are many methods to find out if a cup is inserted correctly or not,

  • If the cups are not inserted properly, you can spot the blood in your underwear or cloth.
  • Place a finger into the vagina and check where the rim of the cup is.
  • Make sure the cup went side to the cervix.
  • If you have high flow then empty the cup often. 

How to remove cups painlessly?

Sometimes people feel pain when they remove the cup from the vagina. Points need to be considered while removing the cups. 

  • While removing, first pinch the base and press the base. The rim of the cup will open so that we can remove the cup.
  • If you do not pinch the base you will feel irritated or discomfort to remove the cup.
  • If you are stressed up, first keep yourself calm.
  • Never give too much pressure to remove the cup.
  • Always choose a softer cup while purchasing.
  • If you feel any type of allergy by using the cup, Consult a gynecologist.

Some of the suggestions from my side for the first-time users of the cups?

The understandable fact that whenever you use it for the first time you definitely get tense, how it will work, what if it leaks, and so on. Here are some tips for understanding,

  • Feel free or don’t think too much nonsense about the cup.
  • Read all the instructions or get knowledge about different folds.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and sterilize the cup.
  • Use pads or any other things until when you get to practice and comfortness with the cup.
  • Don’t panic when you fail to insert or remove the cup. Practice makes perfect.
  • Using hot water or normal water, you need to wet the cup.
  • Ensure you are at the correct angle to insert or remove the cup.
  • Never push the cups too much.
  • Think when you empty the cups.
  • You can ask a gynecologist for an opinion on using the cup.

I recommend a menstrual cup to my friends after using it. They too liked this product and reviewed to me about their use and how they feel. A friend she used first, loved the cups and she recommended them to her mother and sister. They too purchased the cups and started to use them.

Some of the general questions asked my friends and relatives and my answer towards it. 

Can you feel the cup inside in vagina like tampons or pads?

Answer: No


Does usage of cups depend on any age group?

Answer:  Menstrual cups can be used by every girl. There is no age limit.


After pregnancy can I use the cups?

Answer: Of course yes.


Will there be any leakage or problems during periods?

Answer: Absolute No. We won’t get any problems or leakage. We can do swimming, yoga or any exercise.


Does cleaning be difficult?

Answer: No, it’s easy and quick.


What is the cost? Will it be costly?

Answer:  Cups are affordable, coat depends upon the brands you are purchasing.


How many years will one cup be used?

Answer: Maximum 10 years. Minimum 5 years. But it totally depends on how we use and store the cup.


Can we go to the restroom while inserting the cup?

Answer: Yes, you can.


Will the cup remain or be struck in the vagina?

Answer: No such possibility because the vagina is a never-ending canal. 


Do we get hurt or feel pain using a menstrual cup.?

Answer: Absolutely No, We will not feel any pains while inserting and removing a cup.


How to select the size of a cup?

Answer: It depends upon your cervix size. Usually, girls can buy small size menstrual cups. After giving birth to a baby, you always need a medium size. After 35+ age you may need large.


Do any leaks or uncomfortable sleeping during the night?

Answer: No leakage tension and you can sleep comfortably as long as you need.


How to empty the cup?

Answer: To empty the cup just go to the restroom, remove the cup, pour the collected flow into the bathroom, flush it off. Wash it and insert it again into the vagina.


When to empty the cup?

Answer: It depends on your flow. Usually 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, or 12 hours once.


How long do menstrual cups need to be dipped in hot water before using it?

Answer: 4 to 5 minutes is enough, basically you need to sterilize it.


Does the blood stick to the cup?

Answer: No chance.

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