Turkey Berry

Hey my dear friends, today i am sharing about one of the local vegetables; name is Turkey Berry. It contains lots of medicinal values and also shares my knowledge about these berries. What are turkey berries, other names, how to use all the details are here. Please read full articles for details;

Turkey berry is one of the seasonal and local vegetables like others. It is one of the healthy vegetables. These berries are very famous in South India. Turkey Berry also has several names like wild eggplant, devil fig, Usthi Kaayi, Sundakaayi, Kudane Kaayi.

How are plants growing??

The turkey Berry plants are grown widely in season. This plant usually grows 2 or 3 meters in height or may grow bigger sometimes. It has several stems or bushes. Berries are coming like bushes. It produces white colored flowers, then green colored round shaped berries like eggplants. The berries look like green peas, when they ripen they turn to yellow color. This plant looks like bushes and pea sized small balls filled with plants. 

This plant is produced by their seeds. Same plant will give berries for two or three years. Later they will die and grow other plants.


The Berries are green in color,slightly bitter in taste. We have to remove the maximum seeds to avoid the bitterness. You can wash them after smashing the berries with water for a minimum of two or three times. 


Always use the fresh berries, thin skinned not ripen berries. Turkey Berries are first used in Thai style cuisine, later everywhere. I personally used it in curries, tamarind based curry, stir fry and soups. Some people are using papads..


If the berries are available too much then sun dry with salt or without salt, then kept in an airtight container. You can use it whenever you make curry or fry in hot oil and use it like papad.

Health Benefits:

The turkey Berry has lots of health benefits. In Ayurveda, turkey berries have a special place because they contain lots of medicinal values.  It cures anemia, headache, stomach ache, gas trouble and strengthens the body. It manages the diabetics and lowers the blood pressure, regulating menstruation. Berry is rich in iron and potassium and contains other nutrients like vitamins.


If you are consuming too many berries, it can increase the blood levels or iron levels. 

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