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My First Joyful 9 Months Pregnancy Journey

Myself Sthuthi, I am married to Krishnaraja CH. Our’s purely an arranged marriage. He tied a knot on 20th April 2017. Because of arranged marriage we didn’t know much about each other before.

We planned our baby after a year and half. Until our plan we enjoyed a lot in our own simple way of life. After a year and half, we planned for a baby with a lot of tension, curiosity and expectations.

My periods got delayed, we were nervous and anxious. So my husband got me a pregnancy kit. After the test of pregnancy at home using the sample kit. we thought of getting tested in the lab, then the report came like weakly positive. But my husband and I were surprised because we know only positive and negative things. we were not able to understand what is weakly positive. So I immediately took an appointment and consulted a doctor for correct guidance. 

My doctor is Mrs.Poornima Bhat in Mangalore. She is a very very good doctor and I am very happy to get a chance to consult for my pregnancy. Because of consulting her, I got good advice and was very supportive. 

I got pregnant and thought about sharing it with my family too. When my pregnancy started I got to know my doctor very well. Her examination and suggestions are very effective and good. Rather than speaking about pregnancy problems, she concentrated on giving proper advice with a lot of encouragement.

All relatives, family members are ready to give advice during pregnancy, every pregnancy is different. Every lady will face different difficulties about pregnancy like nausea, stress, but no encouragement from family. 

When a pregnant woman thinks about her baby, never thinks about the gender, difficulties of her and babies and more. Of Course she will enjoy the Baby bump and feel great giving birth to a baby. So I want to share my pregnancy journey because it is a wonderful memory of my life.

Once I tested positive and found out I’m pregnant, my husband started to act like a double caretaker. He is so sensitive, I think. Thank god I didn’t have any nausea in my first pregnancy, so I enjoyed my baby bump days very well. At that time I didn’t have a job, so I thoroughly enjoyed it and took a lot of rest.

In pregnancy every day is a new day because i had huge cravings in pregnancy. I am a vegetarian, so I ate almost every vegetarian dish I wanted. This is what I did for the whole 9 months. I think the baby too will enjoy every food that I ate in pregnancy. So I loved the pregnancy days.

I had a little weakness, mood swings and all but top priority is cravings and hungriness. Daily I ate 5 to 6 meals. That was the hunger level I had in my pregnancy days. For mood swings I used to read Vishnu Sahastranama, it kept me peaceful throughout my pregnancy.

I did a little yoga exercise after 6 months and breathing exercise after 7 months. For exercise I have not taken any suggestions from the guide or any person. I just did butterfly exercise, child pose exercise and pelvic strength exercises, pranayama that’s all. Importantly throughout my pregnancy I used Indian toilets because this is also one of the best approaches for normal delivery.

I used to do household work by myself because it keeps me very healthy and active. It also helps for mood swings and normal delivery. From my experience, Best exercise for normal delivery is mopping the floor by hand. Till the previous day of birth I did all my work and household work on my own.

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