Urad Dal Payasam | Ulundu Payasam | Urad Dal Kheer.

Urad Dal Payasam
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 25 Mins Total Time: 35 Mins

Urad dal payasam is very traditional recipe of South India. It is easy to make and healthy too. It is also called as ulundu payasam or urad dal kheer. It is filled with nutrients and added with healthy ingredients. Urad dal payasam is one of the energy booster for our body.


For urad dal payasam, I have added both milk and coconut milk. The saffron gives nice colour and aroma. Jaggery is added for sweetness when it melts the aroma will be so good.  While having payasam added fresh grated coconut feels good for the taste. Coconut milk doubles the taste and also add creaminess for the payasam. For this payasam, I have roasted urad dal and made it to a powder and mixed with the milk. When you roast and prepare the powder of urad dal aroma makes you feel good about this payasam.

We can consume when its warm or chill it and then have it. You can add sugar or palm sugar for sweetness. Raisons, cashews And Chopped badam is extra boost to delicious payasam.

Urad dal is rich in calcium, iron and protein. It is improves the weight and brain development of child so it is so Good for kids. Who are pregnant ladies and lactating mother urad dal is best.

Health Benefits of Urad Dal:

  • Rich in iron and protein acts as an excellent energy booster and keeps your body active.
  • Helps in promoting heart health due to the presence of magnesium, fibre, folate and potassium.
  • Has a good amount of dietary fibre which is known to improve your digestion and aids in bulking up the stool, thereby preventing constipation.
  • An antiaging food because it’s extremely rich in minerals that can prevent skin ageing.
  • Used in Ayurvedic medicines for relieving pain and inflammation.
  • Stimulates urination and this eventually helps in getting rid of toxins, uric acid, excess fat, excess water and excess calcium stored in the kidneys.
  • Rich in minerals that can help manage dry and brittle hair and restore the lustre of the hair.
  • Rich in dietary fibre, it regulates the amount of nutrients absorbed by the digestive tract.
  • Excellent source of calcium that contributes to the bone mineral density.
  • Strengthens the nervous system and helps in dealing with nerve-related problems like hysteria, schizophrenia and memory weakness.
  • Improve muscle health by developing and strengthening the muscle tissues of the body
  • Very good pulse for pregnant women due to its high nutritional value.

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0/9 Ingredients
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0/7 Instructions
  • Take urad dal wash it and roast it until it turns into golden colour. Later add it to a mixer jar and make a powder.
  • In a pan add ghee and dry fruits roast it.
  • Add milk with saffron and boil it.
  • When milk started to boil add roasted urad dal powder, cardamom powder and pinch of salt stir it nicely.
  • Finally add coconut milk to the payasam stir well for 2 minutes. Switch off the flame.
  • Add chopped badam for garnishing.
  • Healthy and tasty urad dal payasam is ready.

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