Spicy Korean Rice Cake

Spicy Korean Rice Cak
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 15 Mins Total Time: 25 Mins

Korean rice cake is easy to prepare. It is very spicy and chewy in texture. This recipe originated in Korea. Rice cake is one of the most famous street foods for Korean people. It is also called Tteokbokki. 

When I prepared rice cake  for the first time, it went sticky and everything was messy. Because I have no idea about how to cook the rice cake and measurements. it will show or feel it is simple but actual fact is it is not. Rice cake cooking is a major task in this recipe. When I was a student, I was watching Korean serials and at that time I was furious about this dish. Recently I went through the Korean series again. My wish came to knowledge and I wanted to prepare so I searched many videos. After that I tried it a few times and got proper knowledge about rice cake. This simple recipe can be prepared at home and given to kids like a snack. 

Rice cake does not need many ingredients.. It needs a few ingredients that are available in our kitchen.  Usually plain rice cakes do not have much taste. Usually rice cakes are served with fish or soups. Here I made a twist like a snack, no soups and not added any fish items because iam a vegetarian. 

We need to use hot water when we knead the rice flour dough. Here, I take rice flour if you have time then soak the rice and grind it and heat it like a dough. It will be little time consuming and a long procedure. So I went to the store and bought rice flour and it saves time. After kneading, cut into a cylindrical shape and cook in hot water. 

For seasoning use sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, veggies. Then use the sauces whichever you want, here i used tomato sauce, red chili sauce and soya sauce. All these sauces give a nice taste to the rice cake.  Finally adding  cooked rice cake and once everything mixed the rice cake came with a beautiful texture and taste.

This is the super easy and try completely snack recipe in your home and share how you are preparing and how it tastes in the comments. Thank you guys for coming here and catching my recipes. I am overwhelmed by your support and valuable feedback. Follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the links are mentioned below. Love you all. 

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0/15 Ingredients
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0/12 Instructions
  • Take a vessel, add rice flour, salt and water and knead the dough very soft.
  • Take the dough and divide into 3 or 4 and make into long ropes.
  • Cut into 2 inch pieces and keep aside.
  • Take a vessel, add water, oil and boil it.
  • When water starts to boil, leave it one by one to hot water for a minute and take it out of the hot water to cold water.
  • Once rice dough is cooked well, pour oil and mix well. Make sure the oil is coated very well.
  • Take a pan or kadai, heat the oil, add white sesame and roast for a minute.
  • Add finely chopped garlic and ginger saute well.
  • Add capsicum and roast for a minute and add water to boil it for 2 minutes.
  • Add sauces like red chilli, tomato and soya, red chilli powder, pepper powder, salt, vinegar and sugar and mix everything. .
  • Finally add cooked plain rice cake and combine well.
  • Once everything is coated and combined well, tasty spicy Korean rice cake ready to serve.


If you feel rice flour is sticky, then you can steam it. If you keep pieces more minutes in the hot water it will leave starchy and become sticky. In addition you can add veggies, then it will be like manchurian.

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