Curd Poha

Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 5 Mins Cook Time: 5 Mins Total Time: 10 Mins

The poha curd or curd poha is one of the simplest recipes. It is very easy so anytime and anybody can prepare this recipe. Curd poha is the best recipe for those who are beginners to cook and bachelors or who is staying in a hostel.

When the hectic day or when we go outside our tummy needs something, this is the best recipe.  This is the most common recipe in my home because everyone likes this. I personally love this recipe because it is simple, easy and does no harm to the body. The curd poha is a very healthy recipe. 

For making the curd poha thin poha is better because it is easily soaked and no need to cook it single time. Soi always prefer thin poha for preparing the curd poha. Added simple tadka with mustard, urad dal, red chilli  and curry leaves. Cashew Nuts or any other nuts can be added but here I added only cashew nuts that are few. This is again stomach filler and enriches your recipe.

Onions are chopped finely because it is easily blended with curd and poha after mixing. For spiciness I have added green chili and pepper powder. Instead of pepper powder you can add more green chillies. Curd is added to how much quantity is needed but curd is not sour. Coriander powder was just added for the flavor. Coriander leaves just for garnishing and it increases the taste of curd poha.

The curd poha is served immediately once everything is mixed. Otherwise curd will become watery and after too much time it will become sour. The curd poha is good with any type of pickle. 

Adding nuts and curd is a stomach filler for a long time. In addition you can add various nuts, pomegranate, and cucumber. It is low in calories and very nutritious. It is eaten for breakfast, snacks or for dinner. 

Try this super cool recipe and enjoy it with yourself and your family.. Share how you are prepared. Thank you guys for coming here and catching my recipes. I am overwhelmed by your support and valuable feedback. Follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the links are mentioned below. Love you all.

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  • Take a vessel, add thin poha and water soak for 2 minutes. Then wash well and remove all the excess water.
  • Heat a ghee in a tadka pan, add urad dal, red chili, mustard seeds, cashew nuts, curry leaves and saute for 2 minutes.
  • Add finely chopped onion, green chili and fry until it turns to semi golden color. And turn off the flame.
  • Add soaked thin poha, curd, pepper powder, coriander powder, salt to taste and combine everything.
  • Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy with pickles.

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