Nakshatra Nerale / Water Rose Apple Gojju

Water Rose Apple Gojju
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 15 Mins Total Time: 25 Mins

Water Rose Apple fruit is seasonal and sour in taste. Preparing this water rose apple gojju from my grandmother’s recipe. Seasoning and tempering give a nice blend with water rose apple. It’s a good combination of rice and ghee.



Water apple also referred to as watery rose apple or simply rose apple, which has the scientific name Syzygium aqueum, is native to the countries of South East Asia and some tropical regions of India.

“This succulent, delicious fruit is famous for its thirst-quenching properties, commonly referred to as “Chambakka” or “Pani Seb” in Hindi, “Jambu” or “Panneer Naval” in Tamil, “Jambakka” in Malayalam and “Gulaabijamichettu” or “Gulaabijamikaayalu” in Telugu.

Water Apple Health Benefits:

  • Fights Free Radical Damage: Rich in flavonoids called vitamin C and other phenolic compounds. Bolsters Immune Function: To counteract colds, vitamin C stimulates the immune system effectively.
  • Reduced risk of stroke: the insignificant amount of sodium and cholesterol in the water apple decreases the probability of stroke and health issues such as inflammation, oxidative damage, heart health, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, and endothelial health.
  • Boosts Healthy HDL Cholesterol: increases good levels of HDL cholesterol and lowers blood levels of unhealthy triglycerides and poor LDL cholesterol.
  • Improves Metabolism: facilitates healthy metabolism and appetite and helps maintain optimum body weight.
  • Prevents constipation: Dietary fiber in the water apple stimulates the digestive system in the movement of the substance and adds bulk to the stool, beneficial for those with abnormal bowel function or constipation.
  • Heals Muscle Cramps: increases muscle strength and decreases muscle cramps that are often caused by low potassium, sodium, and dehydration levels.

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  • Take rose water apple clean it. Chop into small pieces. Along with that chop green chilly.
  • Take on vessel, add chopped rose water apple, green chilly, turmeric, jaggery and put some water and boil it.
  • After nicely cooked, add tampering with oil, mustard, curry leaves. Yummy rose water gojju is ready. You can serve with rice.

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