Raw Banana Bajji | Aratikaya / Vazhakkai / Balekai bajji

Raw Banana Bajji
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 15 Mins Cook Time: 10 Mins Total Time: 25 Mins

Raw banana bajji / fritter is a common snack in south indian kitchen. This raw banana fritter is crispy and delicious. It is very popular and easy to prepare. This friter is a perfect snack for tea or coffee time. Vazhakkai, Balekai, Aratikaya are other names of raw bananas in other languages.


We cannot eat raw bananas directly because it is  hard and does not taste like ripe bananas. So we need to cook before eating. From raw bananas we can make several recipes. Raw banana are green in colour. The peel of raw banana does not come out easily like ripen banana. So raw banana is considered as vegetable like others.

For making raw banana bajji, you need some besan and rice flour.  Adding rice flour is making the fritters more crispy. The spices used are red chilli powder, jeera and hing. The batter is must be little thick. The slices of  raw banana must be coated with batter. The fritters must fry in medium flame. Otherwise raw bananas will not cook perfectly. The fritters are fried until golden yellow colour.

This is best snack when you are lazy afternoon and cravings never ending. You can prepare other fritter using this batter. Soaking of raw banana will help to remain fresh. The raw banana bajji are delicious and everyone will like to have. You can have fritter along with chutney or sauce.

Raw bananas contain vitamins and minerals. If you eat cooked raw banana you can solve stomach issues because it is fiber rich vegetable. This is works in weight loss too. Raw banana helps to diabetic people, improves heart health, boosts to our skin and hair. It is very nutritional food.

So try a raw banana bajji at your home and enjoy the evening or tea time with your beloved ones. I was overwhelmed by you for spending your time with me. Stay in touch for next recipes.

Health Benefits of Raw Banana:

  • Improve Nutrient Absorption: Short-chain fatty acids present in these bananas to improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, especially calcium.
  • Regulate Blood Pressure: Unripe bananas have a high content of potassium which helps in better muscle movement, proper functioning of nerves, and purifying of blood by the kidneys. Green bananas help prevent conditions related to the heart like strokes and heart attacks.
  • Promote Development of Probiotic Bacteria: These bacteria are specifically good for your gut. Unripe bananas are one of the best foods for friendly and good bacteria.
  • Help Digestion: Green bananas contain high levels of resistant starch, and this makes them really good for the process of digestion. Also contains dietary fibre which helps prevent problems like constipation and bloating when you eat them in moderate levels. They also help to improve the functioning of bowel movements and the digestive tract.
  • Prevent and Treat Diarrhoea: Problem is caused by a virus, bacteria, or parasitic infection and when green bananas are consumed, they help fight off the germs causing the infection. Unripe bananas can also help prevent the symptoms of diarrhoea which are nausea, headache, abdominal cramps, fatigue, etc. You should cook these bananas before consuming.
  • Improve Metabolism: Green bananas are rich in essential nutrients and minerals which optimize metabolism by giving the body a stable, and complex carbohydrate base. Unripe bananas can also help speed up the process of burning calories in the body which will boost your metabolism.
  • Weight Loss: The bananas contain resistant starch that keeps the stomach full. When the body has this type of resistant starch, it will block the excess carbohydrate consumption and thus promotes healthy loss of weight.
  • Important for Healthy Hair and Skin: Green bananas are rich in vitamins like Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for healthy hair and skin. Vitamin B6 is responsible for the conversion of food into useful energy. It is good for the health of your heart and helps improve the functions of the brain.
  • Good for Diabetes: Sugar content in raw bananas is very low. It keeps the digestive system healthy since it has a glycaemic content that is less than 55. Foods that have less glycaemic content help by preventing the rapid spike of sugar levels.
  • Support Proper Kidney Functioning: Bananas help in maintaining the electrolytic balance of the body and support the proper and healthy functioning of kidneys.

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0/7 Ingredients
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0/6 Instructions
  • Take a raw banana, wash it, remove the tip. Make into slices or can be made into other shapes. Take a vessel, add enough water and soak the raw banana slices for 5 minutes.
  • Take a mixing bowl add besan flour, red chilli powder, salt, hing, cumin, rice flour. Mix all the dry ingredients.
  • Add water gradually and give a good stir of batter. After stirring, the batter should be thick.
  • Heat the oil for frying. Dip a raw banana slices, leave to a hot oil, One by one.
  • Fry it until it turns to golden brown colour. Take out oil to absorb paper.
  • Crispy and delicious raw banana fritters or bajji are ready.

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