Kodo Millet Banana Kadubu | Gluten-Free

Kodo Millet Banana Kadubu
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 50 Mins Total Time: 1 Hr

Kodo Millet Banana Kadubu / Kottige is a different and unique recipe. Now a days millets are quite popular. Kodo millet is a very nutritious value. Millet with banana is a lovely combination. Instead of rice, I used millets because it is very healthy for our body.


This is very new to me until I tried this recipe. After I tried this, surely it is one of my favourite breakfast recipes. It is easy to prepare but the procedure is quite long. We call it balehannu kottige. In my region kadubu is prepared in the evening, cooked and served the next day. If needed, some people once again steamed the kadubu in the morning.

This kadubu recipe is prepared with kodo millet, banana, jaggery, and coconut. Kodo millet must be soaked for 4 – 6 hours. Banana should be ripen, you can add any varieties of ripen banana to this kadubu. Some varieties of ripe banana are very sweetish so add jaggery as per your wish of sweetness. Coconut gives good taste to kadubu. I added little poha, it is completely optional. Kadubu batter should be a little thick otherwise it will start to run when we pour in banana leaves.

For making kodo millet banana kadubu I used banana leaves. Banana leaves are very good. It is eco friendly too. The banana leaves must be seared before using it. Searing will help to fold the leaves and it will not break easily. So searing is the best plan when you are folding the banana leaves. Banana leaves are placed on the floor and batter is poured into the middle of leaves. After pouring, fold the banana leaves from all sides. Because the batter should leak outside while steaming.

Once the steamer is ready stack the folded banana leaves in it. While keeping in steam be careful of your hands because it’s too hot. After placing it in the steamer it needs 40 – 45 minutes to cook in medium flame. Once steaming completes, eat when it’s not or after completely cooling down. While serving remove the banana leaves, apply ghee or oil on top of kadubu and eat along with chutney, pickle or as it is.

When we use the cooker instead of a steamer don’t use a whistle or weight on top. If banana leaves are not available try with butter paper or you can also steam it as idlis. When you try with banana leaves for making kadubu, which tastes and aroma is also so good. You can add any other ingredients like elachi, pepper, etc to enhance the flavour.

Friends Please try this yummy and super healthy breakfast in your home and share it with me. Please follow all my social media and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you for the valuable time to my recipe. I will meet you in the next recipe.

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0/6 Ingredients
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0/8 Instructions
  • Wash the Kodo Millet a couple of times and Soak for 6 hours.
  • Transfer to a mixer jar and add a little water and grind it to a smooth paste.
  • Add chopped ripe banana, jaggery, coconut and salt and grind it to paste.
  • Transfer the batter to one vessel or bowl. If batter consistency is thick no need to add anything. If you feel it's liquid add poha to it.
  • Take a steamer and steam it. Take a banana leaf once kept in heat for sear.
  • Keep the banana leaf and pour the batter to it.
  • Make a fold and keep in steam for 40 to 45 minutes.
  • Healthy kodo millet with banana kadubu is ready. serve with ghee or chutney.


  • Soak time of Kodo Millet is not included in Overall Time duration, which is 4 - 6 Hrs.

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