Muskmelon Juice

Muskmelon Juice
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 5 Mins Cook Time: 5 Mins Total Time: 10 Mins

Muskmelon juice is one of the best refreshing drinks in summer. It contains lots of water content so it keeps our body hydrated. Muskmelon is also called as Cantaloupe or Kharbuja.

This is seasonal fruit, which we will get in the summer season. We can eat muskmelon as a snack fruit also.


The muskmelon looks like a ball shape. Muskmelons are tastier when they ripen perfectly. If you get a less ripe muskmelon then wait to ripen. If you get riper fruit, taste it a little because sometimes fruits become a little bitter in taste.

The muskmelon is when they ripen the outer skin will turn to yellowish colour. The flavour and taste of muskmelon is slightly sweet and has a musky smell.

I grew up in a rural area so I was not aware about the muskmelon fruit. For the first time I tasted the juice in a juice shop, I didn’t like it because it smelled like something and tasted bitter. At that time, I thought next time I would never want to taste muskmelon fruit. Later, after a year one of my close friend given muskmelon juice to me, i respected her feelings and drink the juice i felt awesome.

From that time, Am became a fan of Muskmelon Juice. Later, I will start to consume muskmelon when it is in season. Muskmelon is a yellow-colored fruit. If you dry the seeds, you can use them for salads or roast it and have it like that.

While using the Kharbuja peel skin from it, then cut into half. Remove the seeds from it and chop into your wish shapes. You can have Kharbuja like that or mixing with sugar or you can prepare juice. You can also add this fruit to salads or include your diet chart.

When you are preparing the juice cut into shapes, transfer into a blender and blend with little sugar, ice cubes. Here, sugar and ice cubes are completely optional for preparing the juice. You can also add milk, then it will become muskmelon milkshake. But if you have lactose intolerance then avoid using milk just prepare the juice and have it.

Muskmelon gives a lot of nutrients to our body. It is high in Vitamin C so it improves the digestive system. It regulates blood pressure. Muskmelon is low in carbs and calories so this is one of the best fruits to diet.

Thank you everyone for coming here and seeing my version of Muskmelon juice. Please look for other refreshing drinks from my page and try this summer and beat the heat.

Stay in touch and I will come up with new interesting recipes.

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0/3 Ingredients
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0/3 Instructions
  • Cut the fruit, remove seeds, peel it and chop into small pieces.
  • Take a blender, add chopped pieces and sugar. Blend it thoroughly and if you need add some ice cubes and again blend it.
  • Take a serving glass, if you need again add some ice cubes and pour the juice. Serve when it is chill.

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