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Desi Masala Noodles
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 15 Mins Cook Time: 15 Mins Total Time: 30 Mins

Desi Masala Noodles are very tasty and delicious.  Simple way to prepare vegetarian masala noodles. Homemade food is always better than outside food. We can prepare very easily in our kitchen. Every generation likes to have noodles. These noodles can be served anytime like breakfast, lunch or snacks or dinner time. Noodles have  a special place in a kid’s heart.

When we start with the masala noodles, we need to heat the pan and add garlic, ginger, and onion for seasoning. Instead of oil you can shift to butter. Then add all the veggies like carrot, capsicum and cabbage. You can add any veggies but veggies must be crunchy and don’t overcook. If veggies are over cooked the taste of noodles will be ruined.  Red chilli powder and pepper powder is for spiciness for the dish.

Soya and tomato sauce and vinegar give a great taste to the noodles.  Desi Masala Noodles are full of spicy and garam masala flavour.  You can add other spices and masala too but taste will be different. If you add cardamom, elachi, cinnamon the taste will be different and the spices will not suit masala noodles.

Desi Masala Noodles are considered as street food. You can serve with cheese and paneer for top for it. It is one kind of bachelor’s food. Now a days are noodles are very comfort food for any time of the day. I have used homemade noodles, sauces for this cuisine. So everything is healthy and delicious. However this recipe does not require any veggies. If you add veggies it will be colourful and more nutritious food.

I am very grateful to all my viewers and readers. Please check my previous post about how to prepare homemade noodles. Stay in touch for the next interesting recipe.

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0/18 Ingredients
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0/7 Instructions
  • Take a large pan, add oil, ginger, garlic & sauté well for a minute.
  • Add onion and fry until it turns to light golden colour.
  • Add chopped veggies like carrot, cabbage, capsicum and sauté well for 5 minutes.
  • Add all spices like Turmeric powder, Red chilly powder, cumin powder, Garam masala, Black pepper powder & salt, then mix well.
  • Add tomato sauce, vinegar, soya sauce and mix well for 2 minutes.
  • Finally add prepared noodles. Mix well until noodles and masala should combine each other.
  • Delicious masala noodles are ready to serve with tomato ketchup.


  • Don't overcook the veggies. It should be crunchy.
  • You can add more spices and veggies.

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