Olan | Onam Sadhya Special

Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 15 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 35 Mins

Olan is very famous and traditional side dish of onam sadhya in Kerala. It is very easy to prepare and healthy too. The olan is completely vegan and gluten free. This is simple and serve in every onam sadhya. This dish is flavoured by coconut milk and it has creamy texture.


No need of ingredients like spices and tempering for this recipe. The olan is made with ash gourd, black eyed peas and coconut milk. You can cook the black eyed peas in pressure cooker or directly how i cooked. One whistle is sufficient for black eyed peas because it need not be so much mushy. The ash gourd will cook quickly so peas must be cooked beforehand. When you add ash gourd, add enough salt and fresh curry leaves. Green chili makes the dish a little spicy.  Adding Coconut oil is a good combination to olan.

Ash gourds are called white pumpkins. Instead of ash gourd we can make olan in yellow pumpkin. I have used black eyed peas you can substitute with white cow peas or similar features of peas. Here I have homemade coconut milk, you can use store bought one but don’t use cow’s milk.

The olan recipe is packed with nutrition. Olan is served with matta rice or kerala rice. It tastes yummy. After preparing the olan, cover it and let it cool down. Hence, veggie beans completely absorb coconut milk and start to become too creamy. The olan is to serve that day itself. It will not be good for the next day because we are adding coconut milk.

I have already shared the recipe of how to prepare coconut milk at home. What and how to use the residue of coconut. Try this tasty olan at your home and enjoy your onam sadhya with your beloved family. I am overwhelmed by you for spotting my recipes. Stay in touch with the next recipes.

Health benefits of Ash guard:

  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Increase the level energy of our body.
  • Improves digestive health.

Health benefits of Black eyed peas

  • Lowers the blood sugar levels.
  • Works as antioxidant.
  • Packed with fiber.

Health benefits of Coconut Milk:

  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Full of nutrition.

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0/7 Ingredients
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0/6 Instructions
  • In a bowl add black eyed peas, enough water. Soak it for 8 hours or overnight.
  • Take a pan, add black eyed peas and some water. Cook it until the peas are soft.
  • Add chopped, salt, curry leaves and thin coconut milk.
  • Mix everything and cook until the veggies are softened.
  • Add thick coconut milk, coconut oil, and curry leaves.
  • Mix well and don't boil it. Tasty and creamy olan is ready.


  • You have to soak the peas for at least 7 hours.
  • Don't boil olan after adding thick coconut milk.
  • The olan must use that day itself. It is not good for the next day.

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