Homemade Aamchur Powder

Homemade Aamchur Powder
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 30 Mins

Homemade Aamchur Powder is also called as dried mango powder, which is used in Indian cooking. It is have very nutritional, vitamin A, E, C and anti-oxidants. We can use instead of tamarind in cooking.


Dried mango powder is highly beneficial in treating Scurvy, digestion and other medicine benefits too. Aamchur contains large amount of iron and is beneficial for pregnant women. It does not have any side effects and can be safely used in food.

There are many recipes in which we can use Homemade Aamchur Powder. It is widely used in cooking for seasoning dishes. It is great to add flavours to chutneys, curries and other dishes.

Aamchur or sun dried mango powder is very good to use in our cuisine. It is most used in North Indian dishes but now a days every household are using this aamchur powder.

This powder we can make easily in our home but one condition is we need to get raw mangoes. You can dry the raw mangoes under sun or in a microwave oven. We can store in room temperature more than a year.

Several years ago I didn’t heard about aamchur powder. When i know about the aamchur powder, thought that this follows biggest procedure for doing this powder. One of the cousin thought me about the procedure of Aamchur powder. Of course in my native, usually i get plenty of mangoes in season. So thought of doing experiment and got the success. So collecting of raw mangoes are not difficult job for me. From the year, every mango season, I started doing Aamchur powder for myself and enjoying homemade powder throughout the year.

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0/2 Ingredients
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  • First, wash the raw mango, and cut into slices. (We can peel the skin or directly we can make the slices)
  • Put to sun dry for 6 to 7 days or until prices are become crispy. Slice will become lightly brownish and losses all moisture's.
  • Take dried slices and put into jar and make them fine powder. Then sieve the powder or directly use it.
  • Add little salt to it. (Optional)
  • Store in clean airtight container or jars. We can store outside for 1 to 2 years.


  1. Preparation time based on cutting the mango, dry grinding, etc. It doesn't include the sun dry time which is approximately 7-10 days.
  2. One serving the recipe is approximately 250gms of Aamchur Powder, which depends on the size of the raw mango too.

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