Brined Jackfruit Rotti | Traditional

Brined Jackfruit Rotti
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 30 Mins Cook Time: 5 Mins Total Time: 35 Mins

Brined jackfruit rotti is one of the traditional recipe. This recipe is simple and easy to make. This rotti is healthy and tastes so good. Brined Jackfruit rotti is called as jackfruit flatbread or Appalachia rotti.


I used brined jackfruit and remove extra salt using water. Soaked a while in water and removed that water. Later grind it to make a batter. To the batter just need to add rice flour, then mix it well. Additionally you can add curry leaves, green chilly and all to make masala rotti. Take small amount of dough and spreads in a banana leaf / butter paper using hand. Rotti must be thin and cook both the side with or without oil or ghee. Serve with chutney or any gravy or Jaggery Syrup or have it as it is.

Used Banana leaf which adds extra flavour to the jackfruit rotti. Banana leaf are good to our health and eco friendly. Rotti tastes similar to other rotti’s.

Jackfruit season starts from May to July, Plenty of jackfruit are available in season. In other season its not available, so instead of waiting till next season, we preserve raw jackfruit by brine method.

Very simple method is followed for preserving jackfruit,

  1. Clean the jackfruit, remove seeds and all others.
  2. In an airtight container add cleaned jackfruit and some salt to it, Layer by Layer.
  3. Store it to 2 to 3 year.
  4. Whenever we need, we can do the recipe like Rotti, Curry’s, Sambar, Dosa, Papad etc.

The jackfruit lover can enjoy the jackfruit throughout the year.

This kinda preserving jackfruit is one of the traditional method. I learnt from my family how to preserve jackfruit and this simple recipe. From this method I will enjoy jackfruit throughout the year in my home.

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  • Take the brined jackfruit and soak overnight in a water. Rinse and remove extra salt from that using water at least 2 times. And cut into pieces.
  • In a mixer jar add salted jackfruit and grind it and transfer to vessel.
  • For a vessel add enough rice flour and mix well and prepare a thick dough.
  • Take a small quantity of dough and spread in a banana leaf or butter paper.
  • In a hot tawa put the rotti and cooks both the sides.
  • While cooking add oil or ghee is completely optional. Continue same process to the remaining dough. Enjoy the Yummy and healthy salted jackfruit rotti. Serve with chutney or any other curry.


  1. Soaking and rinsing is compulsory for couple of times because to remove excess salt from jackfruit.
  2. The dough should not be thick and thin because we need to spread to surface. This can adjust with rice flour and water.
  3. Additional salt is not required for this rotti when the brined jackfruit is have enough salt.

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