TrendyAngel Kitchen, Vegetarian food blog with a goal to showcase food recipes with natural and healthy ingredients, traditional and modern approach & much more to the world. Most of the recipes inspired by different cooking style observed through different region of India. Traditional recipes are sought from grandmothers, mother, friends & relatives. Vision is to prepare simple recipe from simple ingredients.

Myself Sthuthi Krishnaraja, I’m a food enthusiast, also like art & crafts.

For past few years I’m watching and observing YouTube for recipes on traditional approach using natural ingredients, which i see very seldom. So i planned to start YouTube channel to share recipes which are healthy to every soul, mind & body.

Everyone will not be expert in cooking, as a saying in English, “Practice make man perfect”, similarly after preparing different recipes, they become expert. Simple rule for tastier food is your love & heart for your cooking.

TrendyAngel Kitchen – Vegetarian Food – Healthy, Traditional, Modern, Regional & More

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